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How to access your Whatsapp messages on the web in your browser on your laptop or computer officially

Popular smartphone messaging service WhatsApp has been made available on web browsers for the first time.

A lot of users are asking the question – How do i access my WhatsApp Messages over the web on laptop or computer using a browser?

I have compiled this help with complete steps on how to do exactly that! Hope you find it useful.

Steps to activate WhatsApp and access your WhatsApp messages over the web using your laptop, computer in a browser!

Perquisite – What’s required before proceeding

  1. WhatsApp installed, activated and working on your smartphone
  2. Any laptop / computer with a working internet connection and a web browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explore
  3. If you are on iOS, this is where you stop reading. WhatsApp on mobile does not support iOS at the moment.

Get Started –

  1. Open your Play Store or default app store and check for any updates to WhatsApp, your WhatsApp should be updated to 2.11.498 updated on 21st Jan 2015 or higher for this to work if on android or to the latest version on other platforms for this to work. If it is not, please update the app first.
  1. Open your popular web browser and point the url to – look out for the QR Code.


  1. Depending on the device and its OS you have select the next steps as per below images –


  1. If should look like the below image if you are on Android –



  1. Click on WhatsApp Web and it will open the camera app for you to scan the QR code generated on your web browser.
  2. Point the camera to the QR Code and wait for a confirmation beep or vibrate on your WhatsApp after which the app returns to your chat screen and on the browser you see a confirmation message with your ongoing chat messages on the Left Hand Side!
Confirmation on the Web Browser


Confirmation on Web Browser

That’s it, you are done! now your phone and web browser are in Sync and any message you receive on your phone will automatically pop up on your browser. Depending on the browser you use, you may be asked for some additional permissions like Desktop Notifications, turn these on as its quite useful or irritating if you are working on something important!

Happy WhatsApping!

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