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7 Responsive Design Tips to Revamp Your Workflow

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 from shares with us 7 Responsive Design Tips to Revamp Your Workflow

Responsive design is rapidly becoming the new standard in our industry, along with its evolving carousel of best practices, platforms and tools. The movement has caused a shift in thinking, especially as we adapt our workflows for a more efficient project process.

Dissecting the responsive design workflow, though, can be difficult — it’s highly individual anditerative. However, you can apply general tips and techniques to almost every responsive project.

From content structure to scalable images, we’ll cover seven techniques to consider in your next responsive design.

If you are a designer or developer, what are some of your strategies for responsive web design? Please share your recommendations with readers in the comments below.

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Forget Apple, Microsoft & Google, This Indian’s Invention Might Just Be The Next Big Thing In Tech

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We’ve become so used to technology that it takes something truly spectacular to make us sit up & notice. Well, guess what? It’s here. And it’s called Fin. It’s a tiny ring you can wear on your thumb and control pretty much every smart device you own including your phone, music player, camera and gaming systems. This really is the closest thing to the technology you see on Ironman or any other Hollywood flick. And, lastly, let’s take pride in the fact that this invention belongs to none other than a young  23 year old Indian by the name of Rohildev N hailing from Kerala.

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